Thursday, November 13, 2008

Trip to Tirupati


The most interesting,wonderful,badly-planned,instant trip is the trip to Tirupati. I still can't believe myself that we finished the trip in a positive note although nothing was sure. Bus tickets,Darshana tickets, accommodation.. huh.. nothing was clear and sure. Yet we went and did whatever we wanted and now when i remember back those days, i feel those are the days which will never be forgotten.Yet I want to mark the memories in this blog.

It was 28th night, myself and shruthi were in the bus and as usual were too engrossed in chatting. Trip to tirupati was in our minds since long but it never materialised. We discussed about the trip but thought to postpone till we get good company.

After reaching the hostel, i started reading the book 'The fountainhead' and it was 9.00, I get a call from shru to come out and meet her. It scared me, so i just jumped and told her yes.
I went to meet her near the Internet cafe, and she says lets go to tirupati tomorrow. My reaction was 'Are you crazy..?'

She was adamant and I said OK and we decided we are going. She said she will convince chiru. Now We had to book tickets, accommodation and get darshana tickets.

First we rushed to the nearby cafe to check in net about the tickets. Then we realised, no money. Ah.. there was a 10 Rs note behind my mobile, i don even know when I had kept it. Browsed the net and called up the tirupati counter in Bangalore. he said no tickets are available and we mite have to go there and book it.

OK.. for the accommodation, I called my sister and asked her to arrange asking her in laws. She said she will try.

The next day chirag agreed and we had to book the tickets. Chirag did it online and I think we were the last one to get the tickets. My sister called up and told that the accommodation is not sure but she has couriered the coupon to me. We were too audacious so nothing would stop us. We said to ourselves "We are going".

We reached the bus stand at 5.00 and the bus was about to start at 6.00. But there was not a single hint about the bus till 7-7.30 I suppose.. some how boarded the bus and the journey started..

The adventures - in the next post.............

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Shruthi said...

yup one of the most memorable trip tat v had together.....eagerly awaiting to hear it and experience it all over again with ur words:):)